Keeping those silver pieces shining

The recent discussion of keeping fiber (and other) pieces clean
prompts me to pass on my most recent discovery, though many of you
may have figured this out long ago. At a recent workshop, a student
introduced me to Pro Polish pads. They are little (and I mean
little-- 1 1/2 or 2" square) white pads that are wondrous at
removing tarnish and brightening silver! I used the one she gave me
to refresh virtually my whole inventory for a show, after most of it
has sat since December. I have just ordered them from Rio-- a pack
of 50 for under $8.

I like the Goddards Long Shine cloth-- but these are way bettter.
They have some body, and just running the edge lightly through a gap
between two bezels brightened the back sheet and the bezels, where I
could never reach effectively with a cloth.

OK, enough of that-- you get the picture.