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Keeping shot from rusting and flow thru

Hi all

The best method to keep shot from rusting is to:
1 remove shot from bowl and place on a bath towel
2 using standard hair dyer … blow until dry … 3 to 5 min
3 place in container and store

no liquid to handle … no possible rusting in storage �.
takes about 5 minutes

The real trick is to keep the shot clean during the tumbling
action ! The best for this is to use a commerical flow thru
system �. expensive for small volume.

I used a kitchen baster (for cooking) to remove dirty water �
placed in bowl (bottom) during tumbling� draw suction and a good
portion of water is sucked into baster . Empty and remove
water till clean �… worked ok .

Recently I devised a home made partial flow-thur system: Drill
hole in side of bowl near the bottom of unit � smaller then the
threaded item to be used

Screw a threaded fitting (with one side male threads x other
side with tubing connection) into the hole �. may seal with
material that is compatible

with your bowl material.

Attach tubing ( any type ) to the tubing connection and route to a
bucket of any size that is handy .

Place a valve in the tubing line to bucket (1/4" works fine ) .

Create a shot spotter by inserting some folded thin wire into
fitting on water inlet side of the bowl. This will prevent shot
passing thru with the water.

With the valve closed … may charge the bowl to your liking .
When the water becomes dirty � open valve to drain dirty water
into bucket . Pour in new charge (clean water plus whatever)
during tumbling. The commercial units use a pump to recycle and
filter the water.

Have been using this setup � and it is working great � improved
finished on the tumbled metal

A possible improvement is to place a submersible pump w/filter
(small volume$20) in the bucket and route tubing to the top of
bowl � continues water recycle.

Bottom line � shot most be super-clean to get consist good
results from the tumbling polishing method .


Lou N Goldstein

Lou…Thanks for a super discussion on tumbling, cleanliness
an the do-it-yourself equipment additions. I have to admit that
you offered ideas i"d never even considered, like building your
own water recirc system…I wonder if recirculating
water from the top of the bucket would provide only clear water ?
Or is the water in the bucket too active for dirt to settle to
the bottom. Any thoughts? Sol K.