Katerina the Killer

someone (sorry) brought up starting a business of bead/jewelry work
for" women of Katrina". It seems to me (hugely unqualified as I
don’t know how to work with employees) that people need to build jobs
with some kind of longevity. Tabra had an enormously successful
business going for many years that employed a lot of women. (Men
could do this ,too…let’s not be sexist). I don’t think a short spurt
of making things from donated beads and looking strictly for a
sympathy buy is the best long term goal. It seems to me that, in
order to make a real goal of this it needs several large issues

whoever puts this together has to have the ability /desire to
organize a small company of sorts.

time for a learning curve has to be taken into consideration.

the product has to be good enough to sell on it’s own merits and to
pay for it’s own manufacture (time/materials) otherwise, you might
as well just donate both. It’s the old giving a person a fish vs.
teaching a person to fish. A donation of materials would be great
for start-up, but people need to EARN a living and be able to grow.
If the business isn’t viable, they won’t ever be able to advance.

Again, I admit to speaking as the voice of no experience when it
comes to business plans , etc.

Every kind thought is, in itself, a positive thing.

Marianne Hunter