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Kate Wolf's articles

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t remember anyone talking about the wax
carving articles Kate wrote for the February and March issues of
AJM. You know how we all value the we share on Orchid?
Kate’s helped here too, but now there’s also a wealth on important
in these articles, and a SLEW of terrific photos showing
every step of the way… things a beginner as well as experienced
wax carver can appreciate knowing. Thanks Kate for sharing the

While I’m on the subject, I just carved up my first ring with her
new gold-colored wax (Wolf Wax). Looking forward to hearing what the
customer says - already I can see a benefit in that the gems won’t
get lost (visually) when I place them on top for the customer to see
(I usually wark with purple wax). And I won’t have to hear myself,
for the umpteenth time, tell a customer “Now the wax is gonna look a
little strange when you come in to see it because it’ll be purple.”
Now, if someone would just invent castings that clean and polish
themselves up…

Oh, here’s that famous disclaimer - Kate doesn’t know that I’m
writing, or even that I ordered her wax (but I have a feeling she
won’t mind that I did!)

Cindy Crounse
Refined Designs Original Fine Jewelry

  1. Cut Loose - Wax Carving Basics: Part 1

If you are accustomed to working in this additive fashion, the
subtractive process of carving wax may be daunting to you at first.
It challenges you to find a form, such as a ring, that is trapped in
a block of wax. You must get an image of the piece in your mind’s
eye, and then remove excess material until you have created that
image. Sound tricky? Well, it doesn’t have to be…

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