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Kat Cole - Jewelry Gallery


I find meaning and connection through the observance and intimate awareness of the places I inhabit. With each geographic change, I have become more attuned to the natural and man-made attributes that make each location unique. It is these characteristics: natural landscape, architecture, color palette and distinct regional culture that I channel into my work. I also have an interest in the anti-aesthetic aspects of a place: the abandoned buildings and factories, scrap yards, piles of trash and detritus found in the streets. This is the evidence of human inhabitance- past and present.

Using found materials in my work, collected in the places I live, allows me to create a direct connection between art object and place. The tins, rusty bolts, scraps of plastic and metal are transformed in conjunction with vitreous enamel and steel, the world’s most recycled metal, to make jewelry and sculpture distinctly of a place and time

Kat Cole

2012- toy fire truck, copper, enamel, brass

Kat Cole


418 Atlantic Necklace

2011- tin, brass

Kat Cole


1005 Franklin Backyard Brooches

2012- steel, enamel, brass

Kat Cole


Shipping Containers and Trash3

Tractor Trailers and Trash Back

Kat Cole