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Karen's evil tip; [was: Gallery Questions]

Hi Folks,

Actually a good tip, Karen! I have two family members who work
in the vicinity of the last gallery I was in (I’m now on the
’net). They would drop by every couple of months, kind of like
a “mystery shopper”, and see what’s what.

Even when asking specifically about my work, the "sales staff"
didn’t make any effort to encourage their purchase, if their
presence was even acknowledged at all. In this situation, other
work wasn’t getting preferential treatment, it was just a lack
of interest in selling anything. With that bit of intelligence,
it’s surprising to me that I was even selling one piece a month
there (which is what I was averaging).

I think that’s a great tip, and not evil at all.

Oh… and another tip. Try and determine what the gallery’s
main source of revenue is. If it’s framing prints or
lithographs they sell, you might want to consider another
gallery specializing in 3D artwork or original art pieces.

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)