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Karen adds earrings to auction

Karen from Karenworks has added a pair of her own earrings into
our benefit auction. Here is a copy of her post on gemnet about

These earrings are being offered up for auction to the highest
bidder…100% of the money to go to the artist with the ill
daughter we had discussed earlier.

They are sterling silver earrings about 1 1/2" long on french ear
wires. The domed surface is reticulated and they resemble a "gong"
with an “obsidian” teardrop at the bottom of them. They are
oxididized and I sell similar earrings at retail for around $80. I
will put a minimum bid on them of $25 to start us off.

Maybe I was too worried about cluttering up traffic on Orchid.
Should we have just held it here as being simpler and easier for


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