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Karat Rolling Mill

Hi Yvonne Here I go with my experience with this rolling mill .I have
had many rolling mills including many italian ones which are real
good(And very expensive) Some months ago I started to consider in
making pattern wire for earrings bangles and rings but you know that
single pattern roller with three designs on it are very expensive so I
bought an european rolling mill with interchangeable side
rollers(about$500) but surprise! Pattern rollers $250 each with only
one pattern.Well the day I received it I hurt my shoulder trying to
roll a 1 inch wide flat stock without bolting it to the workbench so I
remembered once somebody recommended me the karat Rolling mill
cause I
hate the ones that are hard to work with so I call my local supplier
and he wanted to sell me the single Karat rolling mill in $500 no
additional rollers, I asked Kenneth in Arjan how much he sells the
same rolling mill and it was only $199 so I decided to buy the RM-4325
which comes with 5 rollers flat and wires shallow half round and 2
pattern rollers $245 the whole thing and I bought and additional wire
pattern roll $199 I think the one you told me Kenneth has offered you
RM-4525 is a newer version. Well the day I received it You know my
natural anxiety for trying the mill without bolt it to the bench, I
was surprised I put a rubber mat under the rolling mill and I was
rolling a 2 inch wide plate.The mill is small and so strong that I
take it with me wherever I need it is like a portable rolling mill.
respecting the impression of the wire pattern over the metal is good
but you need some practice and Kenneth told me he has many
ones. You told me you’ve hurt your neck?was it using a rolling mill?I
realy think this is the one you need cause it has a good reduction
ratio 4-1 feel free to ask me If you have more questions

I forgot to ask you if the pictures of the wire-bangle pattern
rollers that Kenneth sent you were from the rollers or the impression
they left on the metal.


I also have a Karat Rolling mill, I bought the one that had three
wheels, two patterned and one flat. After that I purchased an
additional patterned wheel. Gee, that had to be three years ago???
I don’t use it a lot, but for the price, it is well worth it.