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New York. USA

The Petra Collection by Kara Ross New York brings to mind movement and alludes to the idea of entities drifting and coming together to create a harmonious whole. One of the most compelling elements of collection is the juxtaposition of smooth and raw stones, which is showcased side-by-side in many of the pieces; the combination of polished and natural materials results in a truly distinctive design that is both visually and conceptually arresting. A delicate and jagged row of pave diamonds beautifully fuses together the smooth and rough stones. This diamond accent is seen throughout the collection, oftentimes presented in an innovative and unexpected way, whether merging together stones in a pair of earrings or being utilized as a setting for a cocktail ring.

Kara Ross is based in New York and the fine jewelry collection is designed and handcrafted in New York City; the polished and “gritty” design components in the collection also suggests the two sides of the city that co-exist to create the whole destination. Precious stones featured in the Petra Collection include diamonds, opals, blue topaz, aqua marine, peridot, fire opal, green beryl, opal, citrine, rubellite, green tourmaline, amethyst, moonstone, rock crystal. Metals used include yellow, white and rose 18-karat gold. The colors and textures of the stones refract the light in remarkable ways, while also creating a vibrant and colorful display of colors ranging from deep blues and vivid pinks, to dazzling purples and a more neutral gold.

Raw green beryl necklace with 18k gold, diamonds, peridot, blue topaz and opal inlay

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Mosaic earrings

Large mosaic earrings with blue opal, fire opal, 18k gold and diamonds

Hemimorphite earrings

Hemimorphite earrings with 18k gold and diamonds

Inset ring

with amethyst, fire opal, 18k gold and diamonds

Raw tourmaline slice necklace

Raw tourmaline slice necklace with rubellite, 18k gold and diamonds

Split ring

Split ring with raw blue opal, raw hemimorphite, 18k gold and diamonds