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K&J Magnetics

Thought I’d pass along this supplier to the group. Recently I was
given a repair job that requires small magnets. The earring can be
wound up so to speak in order to form a piece that sits up on the
earlobe in a tight cluster fashion and is held in place by the
magnets. When unwound it forms a dangle style earringstyle
earringstyle earring.

So where to find a magnet small enough? Most magnetic clasp= s have
ones that are still too big.

After some research I came across a company called: K&J
Magnetics, Inc. They specialize in neody mium rare earth magnets and
carry ones small enough to do this repair. I needed 1/10" X 1/32" and
the packet of 10 cost only 90 cents plus shipping. We will keep the
others for future repairs or share them with other jewelers in our

You can find them on line on lineon lineon line at:

I had to use the magnets because that’s what the earring called for
and it’s my job to make it function again in original fashion.

The earrings now match and the customer is thrilled!
Jo-Ann Maggiora Maggiora Maggiora Maggiora Donivan

Thank you for the link Joanne!

Ken Moore