Just launched!

Hello all

I have been a member for a few years now and i just want to thank you all for the thoughtful advice, the clever tricks of the trade, and the wonderful sense of community. What we do as a hobby or a trade is a exciting and fun adventure!

I am pleased to announce that i have launched my website this last week. So far my family is being very supportive! LOL. But i hope to support my hobby with the proceeds someday.

B Foster was my grandmother and the logo is based on her signature. This is my homage to the stylish lady that she was!

Wish me luck,
Heather, owner B Foster Design


Congratulations, and good luck! :partying_face:

Congratulations Heather! The website looks great. The 3 pieces you uploaded are stunning and stylishly sophisticated. Sell well and good luck with your journey!

Thanks to you all for your kind words!

A tad late . …but I hope you’ve had good luck? And more in the future.