Just back from Haystack

Hi all!

I am an infrequent poster to this site but love to read the posts
and have used it many times for technical info and advice.

I just got back from 2 weeks at the Haystack Mountain School of
Crafts in Deer Isle Maine and wanted to share my experience. I
studied metals with Claire Sanford. Among many other techniques, she
taught copper/brass patinas and epoxy inlay. She is an amazing
teacher and talented craftsperson. She was extremely generous and
shared her techniques and knowledge with all of us.

What a fabulous 2 weeks! Not only did I get to spend time with
like-minded, creative people of all ages and experiences (the age
ranges fairly equally from 18 to 80); it was in one of the most
beautiful, peaceful settings imaginable. One of things I liked the
best was to wander through the different studios seeing what other
people were up to. There was a fiber studio, wood-working, ceramics,
glass blowing and mixed media. I came to be very aware of how
creative ideas and thoughts can transcend media and materials. So
much can be learned from those willing to share their experiences! I
recommend all to look into spending a session up in Deer Isle. The
food was great, the people extremely gracious and the experience is

Jen macartney


I was lucky enough to have studied with Claire at Mass College of
Art. You are right, she is a generous teacher both with knowledge
and time. No question was too trivial, nor her critique too harsh.
She has the balance and grace of what embodies the word “teacher”.
In many ways, it was this sharing of knowledge that became the heart
of Metalwerx. I and others, owe her much. But, I know that her
repayment is in the teaching of others. If you ever get the chance
to take a class with Claire, just go and do it.

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