Just a little horn toot

I’m happy to be able to say that a project (bracelet) of mine is on
the cover of the January issue of Art Jewelry.

Also, I have been offered a residency next spring at Artsmith, on
Orcas Island off the coast of Washington state.



From Holly Swanson

Congratulations! I saw the cover online…looks great.

From Pam Chott

Way to go, Noel ! Congratulations on both!

From marly harris

Noel- Wow, fabulous. No covers for me and no residency but I did
spring for a total dental restoration to repair the horrible work of
a Beverly Hills drug-addict dentist (who knew?). So, life is good for
both of us. Congratulations. Marly

From Alma Rands

Noel, congratulations on having your bracelet on the cover of Art
Jewelry, and another congratulation for having been offered the
residency on Orcas Island. Love that place. When my husband was
alive, he and I would hop in the car, and head off for the San Juan
islands especially when the whales were migrating. You are in for a
great experience, Best wishes. Alma

From jesse

GREAT !! at a great place too.

From Thomas Janstrom

Congrats on both! I really don’t know what to say: I did an spell as
"artist in residence" for a TransPac organisation (links US and NZ
mainly, so I don’t know how an Aussie got through the net!) for a few
months back in 2002 which had me working in their Ca residence,
Northern Bay area, and I had the best time and learnt as much as I
managed to teach… So if you have as great a time as I did, I just
KNOW you’ll cherish the experience for the rest of your life, I know
I do.

From Lauren

Congratulations! Say hi to Jill at Artsmith for me. :slight_smile:

From Steve Cowan

nice job!!! congrats!!!

From Kevin P. Kelly

A residency and a cover ! Congratulations Noel !

From Beth Wicker

Congratulations!! Your work is always wonderful and imaginative.
Have fun at your residency!

Noel, I don’t know where you are from, but speaking as a native
Washingtonian, you are in for a wonderful experience; Orcas Island
is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on, well, the earth.
If you like to ride bikes, bring or rent one. This island is
fabulous. The entire San Juan archipelago is geology beyond compare.

Oh, and bring warm clothes - wool and cotton works best as layers,
and bring wool socks and rain gear. And a camera. And drawing
material. And a hat. And gloves. Not to say it never gets warm, it
does, but when it is cold, man, it is cold.

Best Wishes,
Sandra Gilbert
Snohomish, WA

This group is, as we all know, the absolute best in every way and at
all times. Even so, I’ve been knocked out by the response to my
lovely news. Thank you all-- you have given me even more to be
thankful for. In my family, we call this (Friday after Thanksgiving)
Your Welcome Day, so it seems like a good time to acknowledge the
support. Right back at you all!

Aw, shucks,