Jump Ringer?

Hi All,

I suspect Ray Grossman may need to answer this question but if
anyone else knows, please chime in. I’ve finally reached the point
where I can no longer justify making jump rings 10 - 12 at a time and
I’m ready to spring for the jump ringer…I use a 44T Foredom
handpiece…best I can tell, it has the same external dimensions as
the #30 handpiece. Does anyone know if the jump ringer is compatible
with this handpiece?

Mike Dibble
Black Horse Design

Mike Dibble, The Jump Ringer blade arbor’s shaft is .155" diameter.
Rio shows an accessory collet set for your #44T handpiece (2003
catalog, page 134, item E) which includes a 5/32 (.156") collet.
This will probably fit. Since I do not have a 44T handpiece, I can’t
answer the following:

  1. Does the body of your hand piece have a 1.000" diameter?

  2. Does the tapered section of your handpiece start less than 1"
    form the end of the collet? If the answer to both questions is yes,
    it will work with the 5/32" collet. If either answer is no, you will
    need to use a #30 handpiece. Because your Model H system accepts
    only the 44T hand piece, you will need a new flexshaft system. We
    recommend the Model S.

Let me know if I can be of further help.

Ray Grossman

Ray Grossman Inc.
Manufacturers of Jump Ringer Systems

Hi Ray, Thanks for the quick response. The answer to both questions
is yes, so it appears the 44T handpiece is compatible with the Jump
Ringer and I’m pretty sure we already have every available collet
size. I’ll confirm and get back to you to let you know when I get set
up (next week). Our sales/production have more than doubled this past
year and new designs this year means more jump rings (we discovered
post-design/production that a “non-standard” jump ring size works
best). If the jump ringer works as promised, you’ll have a friend for
life!! Unfortunately, I don’t have a convenient excuse to buy another
flex shaft!

Thanks again,
Mike Dibble
Black Horse Design