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Jump ringer adaptor for foredom micromotor

Hello everyone!

First off thank you in advance, for answering this question for
those of you that might be able to help!

I recently purchased a jump ringer tool including this saw blade

I have a Foredom Micromotor 1070 with the MH-170 hand piece. My
issue is that the shank to the arbor is HUGE I have a 3 mm collet and
a 3/32 collet, but neither come close to fitting. Does anyone know of
an adaptor for this? or do I just have to go back to buying jump


Why not buy a new (or used) chucked hand piece and use it? You may
fine it VERY handy over the years to be able to chuck up items that
are not a “standard” collet size. The video showed them using a
chucked hand piece NOT a collet unit.

john dach

Hi Carin

The arbor you purchased won’t work with your micro motor. The shaft
on the arbor is 1/8" (6.35 mm) in diameter.

The opening in collet you have is only 1/2 the required diameter.


Dear Carin,

We are the manufacturers of the Jump Ringer. If you will call me
between 9-5 Eastern Time, I will be able to help you. My telephone
number is 781-595-4848.

Ray Grossman

Carin - you have a couple of choices -

  1. Get a regular foredoom flexshaft with a #30 hand piece

  2. Chuck up the shank and turn it down to a 3/32.

  3. Buy a cheap Dremmel - it will accommodate the shank but in my
    experience the cheap ones don’t have much torque.

Caution - the speed of your micro-motor is considerably higher than
is used with that cutting tool.

You would probably be better off to get a regular flex-shaft - you
can use it for many more tools than the micro-motor.

Judy Hoch