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Jump ring production soldering question

I have about 100 - 150 jump rings I need to solder (silver). While
I’ve done 3 - 4 at a time in the past any suggestions on how to speed
up the process for this quantity? Is this a good application for paste

Any and all tips / suggestions appreciated.

Did not see anything in the archives addressing this.


two ways…either wire solder or solder mixed with flux…have done
both in production…less waste with paste solder but higher initial
investment…go figure… ringman

David, For what it’s worth, I used a charcoal block and cut some
grooves in it and sprung my rings together and put them in the groove
with the split up and used paste solder. Note - try to keep the solder
to a minimum as you will get lumps. Did about thirty at a time. GL

Dave, If you lay them out on your soldering pad in rows with a solder
chip under the joint, fluxed of course, you can just run down the
lines with your torch soldering as you go. I use a fairly small flame
with a Little Torch. Takes a little while to get them lined up, but
the soldering goes quickly. Jerry in Kodiak

Dave, Line up all your rings on a fire brick or similar, with the
joints all at 1 o’clock. Run your torch across to warm them, put a dab
of paste silver solder, and then begin right to left across one row
and then up to the next. You can do all in one shot. I know it works,
I was taught this way by the number one chain maker I know, Jery Harr.