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Jump Ring Maker

Jump Ring Maker

  • 2x4 piece of wood 6" long

  • 1/4" X 2 1/2" Bolt with corresponding flat washer and wing nut

  • L shaped piece of flat metal ?" wide and approximately 3" long
    with hole drilled to fit bolt

  • 2 strips of ?" wide by 2" leather with a hole drilled to fit bolt

  • 4 assorted sizes (depends on size of finished jump rings needed)
    of copper rod approximately 7" long (e.g. I used ?", 5/16", ?", 1/4"
    Rod to correspond to 3-4-5-6 mm round jump rings.)

      		[ Attachment Removed ]
  1. Drill a hole in middle of left side of 2x4 approximately 1/2"
    from the end. (picture a)

  2. Drill a series of holes on right side of 2x4 block (picture a)
    that match the size of your copper rods.

  3. Assemble the bolt, 2x4 hole, leather strips, L shaped metal (L
    towards the 2x4), washer and wing nut to create a tensioning device.
    (Picture b)

  4. Bend copper rods in an offset shape (Picture c) to form a handle
    to wind the jump rings.

  5. Drill a hole in the rod near the handle on the long side (Picture

  6. Thread wire for jump rings between the pieces of leather from
    left to right.

  7. Insert copper rod into corresponding hole.

  8. Insert wire into hole on crank handle and hold or tape.

  9. Adjust wing nut for tension to keep jump rings even.

  10. Twist handle until you have filled most of the copper but before
    the rod comes completely out of the hole.

  11. Cut wire at end, slip off of rod and cut hole coil with a hand

This is a gadget I made for making jump rings for the chains I make.
Hope this helps some of you not having to work so hard to make even
rings. Karen Seidel-Bahr the Rocklady