July AJM issue on CAD/CAM

Okay, I admit it - I don’t seem to be able to find a copy of
this magazine. Does it stand for American Jewelery
Manufacturers? Does anyone know where I can find a copy in the
East Bay of San Francisco? Or an online address? Thank you in
advance for your willingness to enlighten me!

Shael Barger

Dear Shael, Yes, AJM does stand for American Jewelry
Manufacturer. In case you’re not familiar with us, we offer a
wide variety of articles on manufacturing trends, techniques, and
technology for both large and small shops. A free copy of the
July issue=97which includes features on bar coding, training, and
shop floor plans, in addition to CAD/CAM=97can be had by e-mailing
us at ajmmagazine@compuserve.com, or by calling me at
800-444-6572, ext. 3025. You can also visit us at our Web site,

Thanks for your interest…

Rich Youmans
Associate Publisher/Editor, AJM


AJM isn’t sold on stands; it’s through subscription or MJSA
membership. Our website is listed below.

And I’d be happy to send you a copy of the July issue; just
e-mail your address and I’ll get one out pronto.

John Shanahan
Associate Editor, AJM Magazine
The only magazine dedicated to the manufacturing jeweler
401-274-3840, ext. 3037

Dear Shael,

AJM does indeed stand for American Jewelry Manufacturer. It is
published by Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, the
trade association. You may have a hard time finding one where you
are because it is not sold through newstands: it is available
through subscription only. All MJSA members receive a free
subscription, but it is also available to non-members.

You can get a sample copy to look over by phoning MJSA at
1-800-444-6572, or by e-mailing the magazine at
AJMMagazine@compuserve.com. You can also check out their Web site
at http://mjsa.polygon.net/ajm – they have an online
subscription order form, if you like.

Thanks for your interest!

Suzanne Wade
AJM Contributing Editor