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Jos Peperkamp - Jewelry Gallery

Alkmaar, Netherlands

Making art is about making choices between more average creations and most individual design, handcrafted or machine made.
This concept applies to all forms of expression. Jos' choice to work with jewelry and other art form shows his individual style and taste.
A choice that comes straight from the heart. His emotions are the base for his whole oeuvre whether jewelry, sculptures or paintings.
Every expression of Jos is a sign of movement and personality.
Noble and industrial metals are encased in tight and rigid forms. Mysteriously harmonious design with the fragile butterfly: a pattern
that frequently recurs in his work. Jos always takes the future bearer of his jewelry as a starting point for his designs. That makes his creations so
very unique.

Materials: Titanium, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Aquamarine

Photo credit: Ray Stofberg


Materials: Gold, Diamonds, Emerald

Photo credit: Ray Stofberg


Materials: titanium, gold, beryls, diamond

Photo credit: Ray Stofberg