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I recently acquired a JoolTool (and insulted the guy who sent it to
me. Sorry man!) It appears to be a plastic toy and I figured I got
the short end of the trade (he got two water torches in exchange).

(Although I paid $0 for the two welders and generally hated them so
good riddance…)

So my question to the community: Is this a real professional
jeweler’s tool or is it a Ronco-type gimmick?

Oh and also does anyone want to trade it for some groovy tool[s]
that you never use or have two or more of?

Paf Dvorak


Gee, Paf, this sounds like a red paper clip kind of opportunity.
Although I am cleaning out the house of 35 years of accumulation, I’m
vague on what would be acceptable for a trade.



Hi Paf,

Cant tell you if its a real professional tool but I have a JoolTool
and use it often. You can see what you’re sanding and how much. I
use mine to sand a flat surface fast and to shape an occasional
chasing tool or re-shape pliers or other tools. Sure you could use
your bench grinder or flexshaft but I think the JoolTool is easier.

Sounds like a good trade to me