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JoolTool Calculator

by Dave Sebaste 1998
Format: Microsoft Excel
Download at:

  • Calculate Stone Size to Carat Weight
  • Casting - Water to investment Ratios
  • Lower and Raise Gold Karat Calculator
  • Wax to Metal Conversion
  • Weight and Length Conversion
  • Ring Blank Calculator

JoolTool! is an add-in designed for Microsoft Excel version 5.0 or
greater. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made about the
accuracy or effectiveness of this tool for any purpose. Sole
liability is assumed by the user. This add-in is released as freeware
to the world, and may be distributed without royalty. Just send me
some email and tell me what you think! Technical support is provided
at the discretion of the author. Thank you=85 Nanoo, nanoo, and G’Day!=