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Joining to JBT and JVC

Hello everyone! I was thinking about joining the Jeweler’s Board of
Trade and/or the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee. Both are rather
expensive to join. Is anyone here a member of either organization and
if so, what benefit have you received from your membership. Thanks!!!

JoAnna Kelleher, owner

hi JoAnna, in response to your question about the JBT, its a credit
bureau checking company. You will receive many positives from this one
company, credit checks on potential clients, full knowledge if they
are worth doing business with, If they can pay on time, within 30
days, how many stores they might have, numbers of staff,
everything!!! They take the guess work out of credit checks. I will
be joining them this year.For $750.00, I must join them
If you are doing business, its a ‘must do’…gerry, de setter!

The Jewelers Board of Trade is a rating organization that rates the
credit worthiness of most jewelry firms. The only reason to join it
is if you are a wholesaler and you want to check on your customer’s
credit standing. The Jewelers Vigilance Committee is an excellent
group that works to monitor the jewelry industry in terms of fraud,
fraudulent advertising, gemstone treatment issues, etc. You won’t get
any direct benefits from them (other than that you can tell people you
are a member and abide by their ethics statement) but the industry as
a whole benefits from their presence. I always strongly recommend
everyone in the industry to join them and the Jewelers Security
Alliance as well, as they benefit us all. The JBT, as I said, is a
whole different cup of tea.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140