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Joining AGTA Advice

Can anyone help with this puzzle:

I’d like to join the American Gem Trade Association as an affiliate
member; references are requiredthe references must be American
or Canadian Members of AGTA.

I’m a GG, been in the gem trade for about 30 years but all my
suppliers are overseas so I can’t join because I can’t supply

Any advice?

I would call AGTA, explain the situation and ask if, in this case,
foreign members of AGTA would be acceptable. It’s worth asking

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

I would call AGTA, explain the situation and ask if, in this case,
foreign members of AGTA would be acceptable. It's worth asking

Thanks, Daniel, but I tried that–their response: “That’s the
policy…blah blah”----disappointing to see such provincialism in
a professional organization, especially in the gem trade, the most
international of business activities.

The gems that give AGTA its raison d’etre don’t even originate in
Canada/USA so I’d expect AGTA should have an international
outlook----so much for expectations.

Best wishes

I can sympathize, we had a similar problem with JCK. We wrote in for
preregistration for the Vegas show which we attended last year. I am
a goldsmith and a custom designer of 32 years from Dallas. I moved
my shop to my acerage in East Texas. I was refused admission as I did
not have a retail location anymore and the finished jewelery mfgs
were fearful of me possibly “ripping off their items” and possibly go
into competition. I asked the “provincial New yorker” How do you
account for the fact that I was admitted last year. Her reply was
"some THINGS just slip through the cracks. I found it somewhat
insulting. I’ll probably have to slip throught a crack again.


Regarding JCK, I always get the invitations and subscribe to their
magazine - yet I can’t attend the show either - because I don’t own a
storefront selling finished jewelry. The irony of the whole thing is
that if you look at their exhibitors, 50% of them are those selling
"loose beads", “findings”, “loose gemstones”, “loose diamonds”,
“clasps”, “CAD”, “tools,” etc. - products that designers purchase.
So I guess those that own storefronts can go look at the designer
jewelry and then pick up all the materials needed on their
way out the door to make the same thing, huh?

May be there is an way out of it. The international references can
perhaps used for ICA membership which in turn can be used for

Anil Gupta