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John Jensen (was damascene)


Welcome to the list.

John’s work is featured in a book titled “Art and Design in Custom
Folding Knives”. It is a very well done cross between a coffee table
book and a “how to” manual. It is full of people at the top of their
field who are having tons of fun and sharing their knowledge.

This is the best $100 I’ve spent in a long time.

It has great high quality pictures of John Jensen’s work. Some of
the Mosaic Damascus featured throughout the book looks like a steel
version of Fimo and Steve Lindsay’s engraving is beyond

This book is a radical cure for creative block. You can get it on
Steve Lindsay’s site:

I also purchased one of Lindsay’s hand pieces and can’t say enough
about it. I’ve been staying up past midnight and got lost for over 5
hours this Sunday just playing around with it when I had many other
chores on my list. Time just disappears when I pick it up.

John Flynn