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John Henkel (revere)

John, I have also taken stone setting at revere, when were you
there? maby we were classmates! Amber Hummel

hi amber,

i don’t know about john, but i’ve taken a few classes in the
past from revere, and there was a lady named amber in a couple
of them. she had made a really nice double layer pierced sheet
sterling cuff bracelet. this was last year or the year before.
was that you?

best regards,

geo fox

Geo, I have taken several classes there from 92- 95. I also dated
one of the teachers for a few years, so I have spent many hours
there, however I do not recal a bracelet like you mentioned I am
short and young does that sound familar? I have heared that they
are having some trouble. I hope Alan can pull things through, I
think it i s a great school. Thank you for writing, Amber