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Jobs in NY or Westchester for new NAS Graduate

Good Evening Everyone!! I am posting this on behalf of a friend :slight_smile:

Well after finally completing my three month course at the New
Approach School for jewelers, I am in the market for a position
working for a jeweler in New York or Westchester County. I’m ideally
looking to work part time for a jeweler who is passionate about
their craft and wants an employee who is equally as passionate (in
order for me to have time at home to practice my skills). I’m young,
full of energy and willing (actually prefer) to work my backside
off! as well as being a gemologist.

I had a fantastic time in Virginia Beach, Blaine Lewis, Kate Wolf
and Jason Marchiafava, were all fantastic teachers, and I want to
continue my learning working for someone who has high expectations
of their employees.

Many thanks for any leads!