[JobOffer] [Somerville] Metalsmith


Shellie Brooks Studio, Union Square, Somerville, MA Contact: Shellie
Brooks, tel: 617-628-6628, fax: 617-628-6624 szbstudio@aol.com
Starting Date: June 1st. Part-Time Position for competent metalsmith
to do benchwork at jewelry studio. Applicant should be creative,
energetic, independent, self-motivated, well organized,
detail-oriented, and professional. Skills should include: Soldering,
Stone Setting, Finishing, Problem Solving, Assembly

Benefits include access to studio space in exchange for

Depending on experience, other duties may include: Analyzing Incoming
Jobs, Ordering Parts, Assigning jobs, Maintaining a Schedule,
Supervising up-keep, safety of tools, design development and model
making, marketing and sales (some traveling to shows).