[JobOffer] A Retail Opportunity

If you have always wanted to run a high end custom jewelry gallery,
this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for. I am looking
for a highly motivated individual with a thorough knowledge of
designer jewelry and with a strong design background and
an understanding of what it takes to make and repair fine jewelry, to
assume the responsibility of operating a well established gallery
with an intensely loyal customer base.

The gallery is located in the historic downtown of the third fastest
growing county in the US, and we have almost no competition in the
area. In fact, our customers often drive 50 miles or more to see us.
I have not advertised in over two years, and the gallery is only open
on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Almost everything we sell is
custom made here in our studio, and we are very fully equipped. And
sales keep growing. That’s my problem.

Retail sales are time intensive, and a gallery of this quality
requires someone knowledgeable and dedicated. In two days, I can sell
more work than I can possibly make in a week. I need to spend more
time designing new work, and mentoring the goldsmith(s).

This could be a management position, a partnership, or even complete
ownership, for the right person. If you have already explored the
cost of opening your own store, you know how expensive this can be.
This one is already established. How far you can take it will be
entirely up to you.

If this interests you, contact me at dreamgate9@aol.com and we can
discuss this further.

Doug Zaruba Frederick, MD