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[Job Seek] Young jeweller is looking for work

Hi everyone

I am young jeweller/goldsmith from Poland. I am currently employed
in Goldsmith workshop and I am in trade for almost 2 years. Right
now I am looking for work outside my country (ie. AU, NZ, UK, US, CA
and other). I thought that i should post here so maybe you know if
there is a company of workshop looking for goldsmiths.

I know that my employment history isnt long but I have knowledge and
experience to do most of tasks in trade and I wish to learn more. I
can work in silver and gold, set stones in different ways, repairing
silver and gold jewelry, ring sizing and many many more.

If someone would like to know more about me, please ask - I will
gladly anwser your questions.

Hope someone can help me finding a job :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mark