[Job Seek] NYC jewelers

Hi everyone -

I just graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a
degree in Jewelry Design (Studio option). I also have my BFA from
Syracuse University in Metalsmithing. I also worked for two years in
a repair shop, doing polishing and repairs. I currently live in
Brooklyn and am wondering if anyone is or knows any jewelers in the
area who are looking for some part time help. I would love to help
out doing anything I can -polishing, cleaning castings, assembly,
soldering etc. If anyone knows anyone, I would really appreciate the
help. I currently have a part time job working Monday and Tuesday
for a local jeweler, but am available any other time. I also have a
bench and flex shaft in my apartment so I would also be able to work
from home.

Thank you so much for your help, everyone. Have a good week !