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Job Search and/or Advise

Hello all! I’ve been lurking here for quite a while and benefited
greatly from all the threads. Thank you.

I’m Nan from San Francisco area and looking for a job in the jewelry
industry. Any leads or advise this group has to offer would be

My experience is 15+ years of sales with 10 of those years being self
employed in a non-jewelry activity.

Although the bulk of my experiece/ie knowledge of jewelry is self
taught I have participated in a number of classes/workshops focused on
soldering, design, construction, etching, casting, knotting and
wirework. I also have tradeshow experience and have also read
extensively on the subject of jewelry mainly in the area of jewelry
history and construction methods.

I am free to travel and/or relocate.

So…if anyone is looking for an assistant, sales person, someone to
do shows for you…or if you have advise as to classes/education that
I need to pursue a career in selling jewelry…please respond.

Thanks - Nan

nan, GIA offers a 3 month corespondance course in selling
jewelry.checkout the web site of luck!!


Nan: Check out the recent issues of national Jeweler, Jeweler
Circular Keystone, or American Jewelry Magazines. They all have help
wanted ads in the back. Ther are always positions open for remount
salespeople as well as jewelry reps… They are all, of course, in the
commercial part of the industry. If you can travel and like the road
look closely at the remount ads. I did remount shows for a couple of
years until my wife said new job or new wife… she didn’t like my
being gone for 2or3 weeks at a time. You have to like the road.

Good Luck Frank Goss