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[Job Offer] [Wyoming] Vench Jeweler

We are looking for a hard working professional bench
jeweler/goldsmith for our retail jewelry store. Chris [ our son] has
been our goldsmith and is moving into sales to further his education
in how to run a jewelry store. Our store is located in a strip
center in Gillette Wyoming. We are hoping to expand soon. Sales have
continued to grow in spite of the poor economy throughout most of
the country. Gillette’s unemployment rate is only 5%. We have a well
equipped shop with a new Laser welder. We were the first jewelry
store in Wyoming to invest in a laser welder shortly after they
first came out. We see all of the general run of the mill repairs as
well as some custom work. Sizing, new heads, chain repair stone
setting and retipping are the most common. The custom work has mostly
been farmed out in the past. We have enough repairs to keep someone
busy full time. Anytime the repairs slack off we have lots of stock
work that can keep you busy.

Last year Chris worked about 32 hours per week and earned about
$50,000. That’s with the custom work farmed out and some stock jobs
not being completed. His belief is that he could have worked this
year about 38 hours per week and have earned approximately $60,000.
That’s without the custom work. Our sales tax is only 5% and doesn’t
apply to food items. There is no state income tax!!!

If you prefer a metropolitan area then this job is not for you. The
whole state of Wyoming only has 600,000 people in it. Our county has
45,000 with a density of less than 10 people per square mile. We are
in North-eastern Wyoming about 1 hour from the MT and SD state lines.
6 hours north of Denver. The closest mall is 2 hours away.

If you like the wide open spaces and a safe friendly community then
please check us out.


Experience required in all areas of goldsmithing Ability to interact
well with sales staff and offer our clients great customer service.

Pay percentage of Geller Book price(per piece completed.)

Monthly Jewelers bonus
Year end bonus
Potential earnings $60,000 ( based on current jeweler earnings)
Paid vacation after first year

New laser welder
Flexible hours

Two fully equipped benches

Relocation incentive
Family owned business (13 employees)

Located in a growing stable economy
Be a part of our friendly and professional staff

Benefits of living in Gillette, Wyoming:
Our weather consists of four seasons ( sometimes all in 1 day!)

Low crime rate
great community
numerous city parks
Near the Black Hills, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore Monument, and Big
Horn Mountains. Amazing camping available in surrounding areas
Hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, boating are close

Well funded, top rated school district

Community College

Largest recreational center in four states

Only 5% sales tax

NO state income tax
Active community
Apartments and housing available

For more please call Bruce or MaryAnn Marshall at
307-686-6666 during the day and 307-682-4626 in the evenings. Feel
free to talk to any of our sales associates and ask their opinion of
working conditions or about the community.

Marshall Jewelry
1103 E. Boxelder Suite C
Gillette, WY 82718