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[Job Offer][SF] Jeweler


Sierra Pacific Casting Inc. has been in business in San
Francisco for twenty five years, providing mold making, casting,
finishing, and related services to the jewelry and ornamental
trades. Sierra Pacific is committed to providing quality service
in a work setting that is supportive of its employees. We offer a
full benefit package for employees, including health and
disability insurance, vacation and sick leave. We are a "green"
company, with attention to environmental issues, and regular
safety training for our team.

We are currently seeking qualified individuals for the following


This position requires experience in finishing, soldering and
fabrication, as well as knowledge of casting and wax production.

The successful candidate must be flexible and willing to learn.
He/she must be willing to work in a variety of production
environments, depending on the needs of the company.

Salary: $9.00 -12.00/hr. depending on qualifications

Send/fax/e-mail resume to:
Gabriel Sider
Sierra Pacific Casting, Inc.
P. O. Box 410956
San Francisco, CA. 94141-0956

Fax # (415) 285-4390

E-mail: @Sierra_Pacific_Casti

Sierra Pacific Casting
E-Mail: @Sierra_Pacific_Casti
Tel.: 415-285-8118
Fax: 415-285-4390