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[Job Offer] [MA] Full time craftsperson

Well thanks to the post on Orchid we have hired a summer intern, a
graduate of Savannah College of Art and she will be starting June

Still interested in a full time year round craftsperson who would
like to live in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts,
work with the finest materials and practice the art of goldsmithing
in the ancient tradition.

I would like to hire an experienced person but if you have skills, a
couple of years of workshop experience have a thirst for knowledge
and are willing to work hard R. W. Wise, Goldsmiths may be able
offer you a graduate school education and pay you as well. Like the
Marines I am looking for one good man or woman. You will learn
goldsmithing from a pro and gemology from the guy who wrote the

We are a very sucessful business specializing in fine hand
fabricated original jewelry (check out the website). A bit of an
anachronism, granted, but what goes around comes around. Hell, way
may be the wave of the future.

For Information and sample chapters from my new book: