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[Job Offer] Jeweler/Caster and CAD Designer

We have two positions open as folllows
Job Openings 11/07


starting to mid level position perfect for some one who wants to
learn to be the best. exciting high tech environment. Good basic
setting skills a plus. Ability to listen and learn essential. Team
player who can listen and learn from instruction. Very methodical
and detail oriented. Casting and finishing experience with mass
finishing and manufacturing procedures a plus. Good work ethic:
punctual and respectful. Wholesale environment, not retail hours.
Great opportunity with growing company. Email resume with cover
letter and references We will then contact
prospective candidates. By phone or email for interview

CAD Designer for 3d work

Computer and 3d work including but not limited to: Create 3d models
to customer specifications, Process and feed files to Prototyping
machines, web site design maintenance, network and Computer care as
needed. Rhino software experience a big plus. Familiarity with 3d
product design. Ability to listen and learn. Must be punctual and
attentive. Thinks out of box. Great opportunity with growing
company. email resume with cover letter We will
then contact prospective candidates by phone or email for interview
both start at $10-$12 per hour full time

both start at $10-$12 per hour full time 

No offense, but I could start as a bagger or stocker at the local
grocery chain for $10-12 per hour full or part time. Why should a
skilled person earn that little with no benefits mentioned?

Sorry if this does cause offense.


You are kidding…yes?, CAD designer $10-$12 per hour full time ?

Minimum salary for CAD designer $30 p/h just use software to create
design (file) for machine.

Process and feed files to Prototyping machines, web site design
maintenance, network and Computer care as needed. It’s different
field, nothing to do to Cad designer


Perhaps we havent made it very clear. This is a starting position
where we will train a newbie, if they have some experince, its a
plus. Please read the whole post! By the way we have over a dozen
appplicants to the Cad postion and 4 for the casting in two days. We
have people on staff that make much more than you quote, but they are
really good and experienced at what they do.

Thanks for your concern, but really, give me a break! We are
offering an opportunity here.


Where are you located?

I may know some students that are graduating that may need a
starting out job.

Hello Roger,

I am not sure if you are responding to my post regarding a jewerly
designer.? I have a wholesale office in Los Angeles and I am looking
for beautiful, unique designs to add to our bridal & fashion Jewelry
collections.? I will work with any students or graduating students
you may have to educate them about not only creating beautiful
designs, but making them sellabe as well.? Then, if we produce the
jewelry, the student will be updated as to which designs are
selling.? There also will be compensation for their freelance work,
either in the form cost per design, cost per collection, or percent
of profit as products are sold.? I have never saught outside
designers, so I need to make sure that it is economical for us as we
are testing and experiementing with outside designers.

I would definately be interested in speaking with any designers that
you know.? I am also close friends with many designer jewelry
companies that cas use talented designers.

Thanks for any help,