[Job Offer] Forman for growing silver shop

Hi and Happy new century, I am looking for a some one who will
forman my silver shop of 12 people down here in San Miguel
Allende, Mexico.Will you keep this in mind when you talk with
people? Must have knowledge of all aspects of silver making,
lapidary, computor, and like to travel down So. to Taxco.I just
had a reconstruction done by someone who introduced new ways of
bringing up production… My production droped 2 years ago from 4
people 70 pieces a week,to 12 people 30 pieces a week. I have
been loosing money the past two years, and went for help
introducing new ways of saving time and energy. I will now get
on the road and bring up sales but need help in watching or
shall I say baby sitting… Thanks…Darla