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: Job Huntin'

O.K. I’ve got one:

When one wants to relocate to another state, (Or another
country) and continue on in the jewelry field, what’s the best
way for that person to find employment in their targetted region?
Is there a special On-line jewelers job resource? If not, why

Tim Goodwin

i know this sounds archaic but try the back pages of some of the
jewelry trade magazines such as American Jewelry Manufacturer and
Jewelers Circular Keystone they not only have want ads they also
have ads from placement services who specialize in jobs for
trained jewelers. I did this about eight years ago and found a
job in very short order. you also might mention where you want
to move to i have found people on the web very helpful. good luck
job hunting. Frank.

Hi Tim,

A good jeweler can find a job anywhere with a strong economy.
There are lots of people looking for jewelry job, but very good
ones. I just moved to a new city a couple months ago. I spent a
little time looking around to see where I wanted to work. When I
decided I went in with some samples of my work. Got the first job
I applied for and have been turning down job offers on a regular
basis. Even from places that I have never contacted. If you are
good, jewelry is very easy employment. If you lack experience, the
best way to get it is by working for time at it. Go around to
jewelry stores and offer to work dirt cheap. While it may mean
some time living in poverty, it is certainly better than spending
a fortune on classes that do not really apply to the real world.
Future employers will give a strong preference to actual work
experience rather than class experience. After all, the classes
do not include dealing with ridiculous customers on a regular
basis. I could tell some stories!

Best Regards,
Bill Raby

Tim: Try to network with some of the jewelers in your target
area. I know of several openings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
One store is looking for 3 jewelers to join his 9 jeweler
staff, others are smaller operations. I have several offers to
leave my current position and have declined. Many of the
openings in this area provide you with benefits and a good
income potential. The economy in Texas seems to be very good and
holds a lot of opportunity in employment.


Roger W. Kitchens