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Job: Bellevue WA

Hello All!

The shop remodel is near completion. I agree, it should have been
completed before now! Typical contractor delays, etc., have us late
in finishing. The floor needs to be installed and a brand new
jewelers bench (maple wood with drawers) installed. All the cabinets
have been installed. Anyone ever seen a shop with solid cherrywood
cabinets in a shop? They match the new cases in the showroom. Pretty
cool, I guess!

We need a new jeweler now! That is the dilemma. We have no occupant
for the third bench! The boss (Dave Michael) recently said he wants
to wait until after Christmas to find one! Dan and I know from the
past two seasons, what that means. We will likely work 6 and 7 days a
week, until Christmas. Last year we worked every day from the end of
November; most bays starting 2 hours early, and staying 1 or 2 hours

Dave says to us, " You guys know a lot of jewelers, find me a good
one, and I will hire one!" He doesn’t want to advertise and go
through a lengthy interview process right now. The problem is we need
somebody now, from our prospective.

The job as I see it is as follows. The person needs to be fully
functional with repair. Five years experience should express the
capabilities we need. Any stonesetting abilities would be a bonus.
Waxcarving and stonesetting, would be an asset as well. The primary
need is repair. Dan and I can hardly keep up with the repair due to a
fairly high volume of custom work. The work is split evenly between
us. If your skills are there, you will get some challenging pieces to
produce. We each average a couple customs a week. We cast and
fabricate platinum, and two tones, regularly. Store stock is a thing
of the past, due to the workload. We have needed a third jeweler
since I started 2 years ago.

Prior to my joining, there were several tryouts from a few jewelers.
They failed from a quality standpoint. This is one of the top four
stores in the Seattle/ Eastside area, from a volume sales standpoint.
We service a relatively highend clientele. Applicants need
conscientious, journeyman skills. There is moderate pressure for
productivity, but definite pressure for quality. The opposite can be
true elsewhere, believe me! They are good people to work for. Contact
Dave Michael @ Dacel’s Jewelers in Bellevue. Phone# 425-643-2610.

Bring some CD’s and a sense of humor, you will need both!