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Job available - lg. gold ID bracelet

Hi Folks,

I know a guy who travels with a prominent rock band and has a
very large link silver ID bracelet that was handmade for him in
Brazil. He is interested in having one made in gold, but I’m
not comfortable working with that much gold.

If anyone is interested in pursuing this job, privately email me
your name, address and phone number. He is not into the P.C.
revolution yet, so I’ll send him snail mail of the respondents
and he’ll follow up.

He’s based in Dallas, the band is based in NYC, so being in
either of these locations is probably an advantage.



Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

dave, have him contact me.there is no job i can’t

Gold’n Creations
295 Harris Ave.
Providence,RI. 02909
fax 401-621-2531