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Joan Dulla - Promoting Respect for Niobium


Every artist’s work is inspired from within his or her soul. Whether
it be derived from deep despair or pure joy, we all have our
stories. My friend, Joan Dulla, was written up in the Winter 2006
issue of Wire Jewelry. If you ever met Joan, or saw her incredible
work, this article puts forth her story. Besides chrocheting
beautiful and innovative jewelry, she has done sculptural objects
which are all connected to moving and poignant moments in her life.

As artists, we all hope to share our visions through our work. Joan
has successfully accomplished this over and over again. If you do
not know her, you will after reading this article. The writer, Nina
Graci, articulately puts together a great tribute to Joan, and this
story is definitely worth reading.

Joan Dulla - Promoting Respect for Niobium

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