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Jo Haemer Jewelry Gallery


Amazing ideas and nice work.


Jo -
Your glasses would be enough to make me consider giving up my contact lens!


This all beautiful stuff…… very well done.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Director Tool Sales & Stuller Bench
Stuller Inc.
P 1-800-877-7777 ext 4191 or 4194


So beautiful that they make me want to cry.


Beautiful work! I particularly like the gold pendant with graduated colors running from the center stone. Also, the glasses are fascinating. I drew up some designs for sunglasses about 15 years ago and never made them, but now I’m seriously considering it. Thanks for sharing the great work!


Bench Monkeys always seek higher ground…
Can’t swing from the trees unless you’re already up there !
Hi Jo,
Possible to get Timothy’s response to the poll?
Thanks… You-all inspire me…
Must be the rose color glasses.
Thanks, Jim


You are one of my inspirations. I love the excellence in detail and finishing - so professional!
Leslie Chapman
Fortymile Gold Workshop


Love, love, love!!! Inspiration to strive to enhance my skills – slowly but surely!
Karen d. Portland OR




I’m incredibly enthralled by your glasses (and the horned copper-(?)-lined mugs are so seductive).
If you don’t mind me asking, how did you accomodate the lenses?
Did you work with an optician or is there a basic rule to follow?
Are they ‘set’ or glued or how does that work?
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful creations!


Totally gorgeous work…love the horn handles on the signature mugs (crude term for such a work of art) and the span of craft, from personal, intimate pieces to furniture!..what are your personal favorites?


I know you are a professional goldsmith running a business but I do not know how you can bear to part with some of the works of art you make!Karen


FWIW, those are boars’ tusks, not horns.


I really enjoyed your gallery. Wonderful work. Thank you for posting.


Thanks for your kind words. Those mugs are 200 years old and were altered by a hack. I had to remove all of the bad work. Imitation silver foil. Paper clips and glue. Then I carved and cast the new handle connectors and solder them on. The inside of the mugs I re gold plated.
The eye glass lens are not glued. I use various traditional methods for holding them. Sometimes a half bezel, an under cut bar and fishing line. If the lens are non prescription I cut them myself. Prescription lens I have cut by an optical cutting factory.


I have bills to pay:-) But that said there are some pieces that I wish I could have aforded to keep.
My late father was a professional artist. One of the greatest gifts he gave us kids was " I painted this. You like it? Great. Pay me. I have a wife and three kids."
My younger sister is a professional soprano. If she’s at a party and some drunk says “Hey sing something.” She just smiles and says “Sure. I’d be happy to. I charge $ 75.00 per song. What do you want to hear?”


Those are a restoration project I did. They are 200 years old. Before I was a jeweler I was a liturgical silver smith.


Andy- Thanks. Any compliment from you means a lot to me.


Somehow I am missing something. What mugs? Am I not signed up correctly?

Noralie Katsu


Noralie- I must have cc’d you by accident.