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Jim Smorto - Bench Exchange

Deland, FL. USA I am a hobbyist at present. So my “Studio” is my spare bedroom. I have had to cram jewelry and lapidary equipment into a small space. Out of the frame to the left, is my flexshaft and polishing bench, and my photography setup. I even subverted the nearby bathroom into my steaming and ultrasound cleaning room. I haven’t produced much yet, but hope I have enough equipment, but I’m sure I’ll just get more and more and more…etc. So just wanted you professionals see how a rookie jewelry artist also copes with limited space, but lots of dreams. I was worried about showing all of youmy verymessy setup, but having seen all the other working benches and studios posted, I don’t feel so bad about what I have created. Thanks Ganoksin and members for all the great advice a beginner like me needs