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Jiffy Jump Ring

Hello all. I am extremely confused about jump ringers. I’ve found a
Jiffy Jump Ring Tool several places online but it doesn’t really
explain anywhere exactly how it works or what other accessories are
needed. Any help would be appreciated.

Also does anyone know what happened to Ray Grossman? I had his jump
ring system at one time but it’s not in the new Rio Grande catalogue
and I don’t remember it costing upwards of $200 without the flex
system. Thanks, Pat

Pat, If your making jump rings I suggest you check out the Dave
Arens’ Koil Kutter system. It’s a great inexpensive system and I
couldn’t be without mine. :smiley:

As for the Jiffy Jump Ring here’s some info:

Hope it helps,

Have a look at the following pages

It’s not the jiffy but will give some more explanation.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Ray Grossman Inc
tel 516-333-9147
fx 516 997 0775

I had some user driven technical difficulties with the jump ringer
and called Mr. Grossman. What a delightful gentleman. I absolutely
could not do without his product. I have tried several others that
are out on the market but none deliver as a consistent ring as the
jump ringer.

Irene White
EarthLink: It’s your Internet.

Hello Pat. I can’t help you with the Jiffy Jump Ring Tool but I can
tell you all about the Jump Ringer.

You 'll find it shown on pages 276 and 277 of Rio Grande’s 2002
Tools & Equipment catalog. We’ve been busy improving the quality and
versatility of the tool. The Guard/Guide now has large knurled knobs
on the three screws that secure it to the Foredom handpiece. This
aids in tightening them securely without damaging the handpiece. The
coil holder is now made of 1" square aluminum extrusions with four
different sized “V” grooves - one on each side with appropriate tapped
holes for the hold down screws. Previously we made the winder’s shaft
of threaded rod. Because this came in with out of spec variations in
diameter, we are now machining all the shafts to our specs. This,
combined with the fact that during assembly both nylon bushings are
now greased, has resulted in much smoother, easier and concentric
turning of the 1/2" chuck. The change to a four sided coil holder
means that you can now cut coils with inside diameters from 1.5 mm to
over 1" (25mm) and wire from 30 ga (.010" - 0.25 mm) to 12 ga (081"
2.00 mm).

We recently shipped samples of our new 11 Piece Finger/Toe Ring
Mandrel Set to some of our distributors. The set includes includes 11
precision aluminum mandrels in finger sizes 2 through 12, 3 wood
dowel support rods, long screws for the coil holder top plate and a
stand for all of the above. Fancy wires including twist and half
round may be used.

To address the many requests we’ve had for a jump ring cutter that
will do iron, steel, titanium, niobium and platinum, we’ll be
shipping the first samples of our All Metals Saw next week. It easily
does all these metals plus the traditional metals the Jump Ringer now
handles. Wire gauges and diameters are the same as the standard Jump
Ringer but it cuts any length coil.

If these items interest you please contact your distributor. If he
can’t help you, email me at @Ray_Grossman3 . Include your name,
phone number, email address and your dealer’s name. We will see to it
that your dealer can satisfy your request.

Thank you Orchid,

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.
Manufacturers of Jump Ringer=AE