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Jewerly Cleaner

There are several methods that work and are safe to clean “the
meat loaf” out of rings and jewelry. One caution is never soak
gold or silver in chlorine bleach it will destroy it.

Diamonds: steam cleaning is best, but if this is not available,
soaking in a very hot or boiling solution of ammonia and
"Woolite", seems to work well followed by a bath in denatured
alcohol. Do not use regular rubbing alcohol it will leave a

The Ionic-Cleaning System works very well and is it available
through most supply houses for under $100. for home, hobby, or
small business use. It will remove the tarnish from gold &
silver, be careful not to use it on gold fill or silver plate it
will turn it dark, and is safe for opals, and pearls, will not
harm colored stones like tanzanite, emerald, or other included
As most of us know a feather, fisure 1, 2 or 3 phase
inclusion can run in an ultrasound, and should never be used on
Type III gemstones.

For a quick clean a warm diluted solution of Woolite, I use
childrens soft tooth brushs to get in and around mounted goods,
then a quick bath in denatured alcohol followed with a gem cloth
or canned air for mounted goods is an old stand by. But if in
doubt just clean with a rouge polishing cloth or gem cloth.