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Jewelry with holly blue

Someone has contacted me and is interested in a finished piece of
jewelry in gold with a holly blue chalcedony stone. She is located
in Broward County of Florida. She will travel within the area (Ft.
Lauderdae, Plantation, Boca Raton, Sunrise, Pembroke , Coral Springs,
Hollywood, etc.) to look at jewelery in gold with this stone. If
anyone in this area has gold jewelery made with holly blue chalcedony
please contact me offline and I will relay the to my
contact, or if you have a website with a picture I will also relay
that to her. Thank you, Diane

I do customs and cut …I have top grade holly blue…what would you
like? Write me if interested… John Henry “ringman”

Dianne, Check out sites for Washington and Oregon. That is where the
blue chalcedonies come from. Rose Alene McArthur

I’ve been told holly blue can only be found at/near Holly, OR, but
know folks that have found it “in the area”, meaning the same county
here in Oregon.

Jimmy Willingham