Jewelry Value Dilema

Need advice please, I have a three piece matching set Necklace,
Bracelet and Ring of Star Corundum in range of colors from the
light to darker blues and pinks.

There are 88 stones of about 1/2 carat in the Necklace, 38 in
the bracelet and perhaps 10 in the Ring. It was hand fabricated
in Burma quite a few years ago in Karat gold, I am not sure how
high, I know it is not 24K.

It is a beautiful somewhat ornate design. I must sell it and
wonder if it is more valuable intact, or are the stones worth
taking it apart?

I have not scanned or photographed it. Not sure which direction
to go. It would be a shame to waste the fabrication, but I just
got an awful price for two solid gold watches.


Teresa, I don’t really have an answer to your question but I
wanted to suggest selling your things on e-bay. Haven’t done it
myself but a couple of my friends are getting great prices on
antiques and collectibles. Good luck - Deb

Teresa, Why not take a photo and post it to see if anyone might
be interested further (if it’s not against list rules!) Someone
could contact you further, off list, if they might know of an
avenue of “disposal”. Curtis