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Jewelry university deggree

   "I am looking for the names and websites (or addresses)of
Universities that has 4 year of complete jewelery manufacturing
department (it doesn't  matter in which country). If anybody can help
me with my search I'll be gratefull." 

I have posted this sometime ago. I have got one reply from Roger
Young which I thank him for it very much. I don’t believe there is
only one Jewellery School in the world that gives university deggree.
Please be kind to help. It is for a good cause. Kind regards from
Istanbul, Oya Borahan


Contact Stanley Lechtzin at the Tyler School of Art/Temple
University. He can be reached at Regards, Rolf


Oya Borahan, In response to your question about 4 year schools, check
out the Society of American Silversmiths web-site. They have an
entire section on schools that teach jewelry/metalsmithing. The
following is their URL:

Good luck. You might also try doing a search on or or I’ve found several school
references on these search engines.

Happy schooling!


Hi Oya,

In the UK, there are many different metalwork and jewellery courses
at degree level. Birmingham UK, Cass college is the centre for the
technique courses. where as Sheffield Hallam University (Which is the
one I went to) is more of a 3D design course which you can concentrate
on metalwork and jewellery. Not forgetting many Universities in
London, such as The Royal College of Art Please email me of list and I
will send you some URLs to look at. Or try and look for the Crafts
Council of Great Britain for further

Hope this helps
Brian Saynor BA (Hons)


Hi, I believe Guildhall in London do a full course as well as lots of
excellent part time courses. Contact details are “London Gulidhall
University, 84 Moorgate, London, EC2M 6SQ, tel:- 020 7320 1430, fax:-
020 7320 1439”. They must have a website too I imagine. I didn’t
study there but was recently talking to a good London jeweller who did
and couldn’t praise them highly enough. I believe that there are many
other universities in the UK that offer university courses. You could
try The Royal College of Art and Design, Birkbeck college, Chelsea
School or Art and Design…I am sure there are many more that aren’t
coming to mind…and also many more offering general design courses
with jewellery elements but not focussing on just jewellery. Good luck,
Harriet, Hitchin, UK


In South Africa, you must apprentice for five years before they will
allow you to call yourself a jeweler. I am not sure if they actually
give you a degree but I do know that you must complete certian tasks,
especially a lot of fabrication work.


I missed your post apparently, I am a full-time student in a Metals
program. we have both Jewelry and Blacksmithing Studios. Being a Fine
Arts (and Design) School in a College of Liberal Arts, our degree also
includes a comprehensive Liberal Art base. At least in the U.S., a
University will not have a degree limited to production. Even
Engineering Courses will include liberal art and humanities core
classes, that is what a University program/degree is all about. I
attend Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, it is a BFA
program in Metals, I’ve elected to concentrate in Small (Jewelry)
Metals, blacksmithing is also available, I’ll take ^ Credit Hours of
blacksmithing, in addition to my 30+ Credit Hours of Small Metals. We
also take the foundation courses many art medias and Art History
Overviews. Here is our Web Site, (unfortunately SIUC is rather behind
in web updating): Write me off line for
additional if you wish.

For a program in Jewelry Production alone, a trade/professional
school would be more advised than a broad based University Fine Arts
program. This is an Apples verses Oranges type decision, at least I
know of no University based “production” programs. As a Senior I am
currently taking a “what to do after a BFA type course”, in the
procedures of being a working artist (as opposed to being a

Hope my ramblings help. [{I wish e-mail programs had grammar check!}]

P.S. SIUC is located on the edges of Shawnee National Forest in
extreme Southern Illinois, 90 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri.
A lovely (& remote) place to live and do art. Also, we’ve had
temperatures in the upper 70’s and up to 81 F. this week, and today
we’re blessed with 3/4++" of snow, but back to 70’s by Tuesday! Ed