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Jewelry torches - South Africa


Dear Orchidians,

First of all, thanks to all of you for everything I learn from you
everyday and that you share so generously. It’s like water in the
desert for this self-taught jewelry-obsessed girl living in

Today I want to specifically ask for help from South-African
Orchidians who can advise me on where I canfind jewelry torches in
RSA - since I cannot find any in Mozambique, and travel often to the
Mpumalanga region (Nelspruit.)

I currently own a small Dremel butane torch that I use for smaller
jobs, and recenly found a Bernzomatic with MAPP gas that now allows
me to workon bigger silver pieces and also to solder copper. The
problem is, the tank screws into the torch and I have to hold it
while soldering - quite uncomfortable for a short girl with small
hands. But I’m still grateful I found it for all the possibilites it
has opened up for me!

Still, I’d love to be able to buy a more short-person-user-friendly
torch with a strong and concentrated flame but I’m clueless asto
where to find it in this region. I would appreciate any tips!
Kanimambo! (thank you)



Hello Carla,

You can then get a small torch from AFROX directly in Nelspruit 013
753 2971.

You can get the LPG and oxygen pipes and clamps and bottles from
them too.

You will need regulators for each bottle. If you can’t find a small
enough torch from them, you can contact goldsmith and jewellery
supplies on 012 323 1847 or Cape Watch, 021 424 8261, they can send
you a micro torch by courier.

Also try gumtree.

Hope you come right - even being self taught, you should have the
correct equipment :slight_smile: Gwen