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Jewelry tools by miland

Does anyone out there know what may be going on with Tools by Miland?
An order was placed in late September and it has not been received.
Any attempts at contact via telephone or email have not been
answered. I am hoping everything is okay there; meanwhile, I would
like to receive my tools, but am wondering if I should just cancel
the order.

I ordered from them a couple of times & had good luck with them.
Have no idea. Mr. Miland is no spring chicken by now…even if he
were, life happens. Maybe there’s another way to contact them…I
have no other idea. Chamber of Commerce where they live maybe? or
maybe a jewelry supply in their area? Good luck. Sharon Perdasofpy

I stopped in Tucson a couple of years ago to pick up some of the
tools I had purchased from them. I’m horrible at names, and can’t
remember either his first name or his wife’s. Miland is old. I
figure his wife is in her 80’s and he is older. At the time he was
trying to slow down and turn it over to his son. He was not feeling
well, and his wife was concerned. It maybe due to some health issue
or even worse Miland may have passed on. I would try again. If no
response write to him via snail mail. I can’t say enough about how
nice and pleasant they were. I’ve always had good customer service
from them. But again, given his age, I fear there is an issue we have
not heard of yet.

Aggie in semi sunny Fl. It’s warm enoug I’m back in shorts and