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Jewelry tips

Greetings Everyone.

Something happened today that I had forgotten that I had in my
brain, but the opportunity presented itself, and viola’, out it
came! A lady came in with a rolling ring -18k yellow/dia but it
isn’t yellow anymore due to the fact that she had broken a
thermometer in the hand she was wearing the ring on and you
guessed it-Mercury loves to mix with gold! It was then that I
remembered about how you can clean the mercury off with a wash of
nitric acid (and lead solder also) A quick polish after that and
their on their merry way. Ricky Low

Wow, that brings back old memories. I had a ring that did that
(I may have been around 11 at the time . . .) I seem to
remember that my mother decided to polish the ring, and it
returned to the gold color that it should have been.